About CraftQuest

In 2018, Ryan Irelan launched CraftQuest to create a new community around learning Craft CMS and modern web development. Going back to 2008, Ryan has authored and published training materials on web technologies. CraftQuest is the next iteration of his work on teaching and mentoring web developers.

CraftQuest is a comprehensive learning resource with unlimited access to video training to help you with your current and future projects. Updated weekly with new tutorials on modern web development.

This community exists to empower new and experienced web developers to learn new things and grow their skills. We aim to teach others and inspire them to build great things.

We can help you skill up for a new job or learn the skills to finish an important project. We are always here with new content every week to help you reach your goals.

Being busy means that it's too easy to overlook the importance of updating your knowledge. I find that the overview learning I get from CraftQuest is just enough without feeling bogged-down and it's always there as a refresh when I need it.

Paul Waddington - DDME

Instructors & Contributors

From our courses to livestreams, these are experienced instructors and contributors you'll learn from at CraftQuest.

  • Ryan Irelan

    Creator & Lead Instructor

    Ryan is the creator of CraftQuest and primary instructor. Through his agency work and software team management, Ryan has worked with brands like Ben & Jerry's, Papa John's, and Stanford University. He's taught engineers at NASA, internal teams at the Unveristy of Chicago, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Umass Boston.

  • Andrew Welch


    Andrew is a regular contributor to CraftQuest through the CraftQuest on Call livestream. He's the developer behind the most popular Craft CMS plugins, like SEOmatic and Retour. Andrew has decades of experience in software development for both web and client applications.

  • Ben Croker

    Instructor & Contributor

    Ben runs PutYourLightsOn, a software development company behind some of your favourite plugins. With a background in Computer Science, Ben is passionate about user experience and data visualisation, which he puts to good use when designing and building back-end systems.

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