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CraftQuest is a comprehensive learning resource with unlimited access to video training to help you with your current and future projects. Updated weekly with new tutorials on modern web development.

“Even as an experienced developer and day-one Craft user I routinely learn timely and useful stuff at CraftQuest. If you regularly use Craft CMS as part of your job a subscription is a no-brainer.”

Skill up. Finish a project. Stay current.

CraftQuest can help you skill up for a new job or learn the skills to finish an important project. We are always here with new content every week to help you reach your goals.

Join a Learning Quest

A curated collection of courses, lessons, and livestreams that help you work toward a learning goal. Learn fundamentals, become an expert, or learn how to extend Craft with a plugin or module.

Pick Up Where You Left Off

We help you track your progress on courses, lessons, and Quests. Resume a video right where you left off. Keep track of your progress on your personalized dashboard.

Helpful Sample Projects

Code along with your instructor using our robust and helpful sample projects. Build a blog, a full website, an e-commerce store, or even a podcast site!

Q&A Livestreams

Join Ryan Irelan and Andrew Welch twice each month for CraftQuest on Call, a Q&A livestream on Craft CMS, modern web development, and the life of people who build for the web.

Trusted by Thousands. Always Current.

The CraftQuest learning catalog is updated weekly, always ready to help you learn something new.

Hours of Learning

“I wished for something like CraftQuest for years, it helps me to be better at my job. I sleep better at night due to the training and knowledge contained within these recordings.”

Full Courses

Full length multi-part video courses on a topic that matters. Follow along as we build a site or project.

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Concise Lessons

Single video lessons on a topic that matters. It's the perfect way to keep up on technology on a daily basis. Concise and helpful.

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Recorded Livestreams

Exclusive access to the recorded livestreams with Ryan Irelan and special guests. Rewatch your favorites or find something new.

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“Being busy means that it's too easy to overlook the importance of updating your knowledge. I find that the overview learning I get from CraftQuest is just enough without feeling bogged-down and it's always there as a refresh when I need it.”

A trusted source of technical training.

Since 2008, companies and organizations trust Ryan Irelan's technical training to teach their teams. You should, too.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Umass Boston
University of Chicago
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Get help with your project.

We're not only great teachers, we are also experienced, reliable practitioners. Need help planning your project, with a specific implementation detail? Or someone you can rely on every month? We can help.

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