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Trendsetters Life skills Leadership Training is a year long training designed to help teenagers in schools to know the value of life and to develop the potential to be a Godly Leader.


For Schools that are unable to integrate a yearlong program in their annual timetable, students’ workshop is a possible opportunity to enable the cause.


Teachers, the second primary influencers can be part of informative, fun-filled interactive training sessions.


Parenting Seminar enlightens parents to understand the millennial teenagers. In the past, several parents have found hope in parenting.


Trendsetters Partnership Training is a program aimed to train like-minded leaders in the curriculum of the trendsetters. This enables these leaders to be trainers and facilitators to larger groups of people in their respective places of influence.


Trendsetters Life Skills Leadership training is designed to transform young minds to appreciate the value of life and intentionally choose values that can make them into Godly impactful leaders.

What are Life Skills?

Life skills are profound abilities to adapt and disseminate positive behaviours amidst the demands and challenges of everyday life thus allowing for effective resolution. In other words, psychosocial competency. The set of skills acquired through learning or first-hand experiencing enables the person to handle questions, problems and challenges invariably. The skill set as a subject may definitely vary based on the social, communal norms and expectations, however, the skills will certainly aid towards wellbeing and procreate productive members of their own communities.

Hi 5 Curriculum

According to Times of India, with every 55 minutes, one student commits suicide. Life challenges have come to become absolute stressors than merely being an aspect of life. This necessitates for a program like ours to enable students to understand life as it is meant to be and to cope with challenges head on instead of barely dodging them.

To differentiate between wants and needs is an ongoing challenge for humanity. Very often the distortion between the two begins in the teen years. We, the Trendsetters have identified ways to help students determine the differences between need and want early in life, helping them live a more fulfilled and content lives eventually.

The lighting speed and cut throat competitions of today’s world has been normalized to the extent of accepting it as the prescribed norm. The towering expectations to be part of this competition has merely caused fears of failures and other problems with self-worth and self -esteem. Trendsetters has been able to identify with the struggles of students caught in the unhealthy competency and has been able to help them discover their innate strengths, weakness, potentials and the opportunities that can they can thrive in. Thus, the speed and the competition doesn’t have to compromise with their joy of learning, discovering their passions and be a better human and leader in the future.

There has been a surge of various social platforms aimed to bring the world closer, however, given the proportions and time used on gadgets the opposite has been true. Families and close relationships have grown miles apart. Trendsetters train young students to value and appreciate time with family, friends and community.

The leaders of this time seldom propagate the importance of personal characteristics to be a leader. Between the gap between the leaders character is where the young minds are swayed. Trendsetters believes in the importance of having a character and life that is coherent and consistent based on Godly values. That being our belief we strive to guide students to aspire to be that of leader.

Trendsetter’s student workshop

Given the schedule of students’ class hours it may seem impossible to accommodate regular Life skills training, for this purpose we offer training over short periods like few hours in a month. This way, the students may not have to be overwhelmed between their regular classes and other activities.

Trendsetters Teachers’ workshops

Trendsetters Teachers’ workshops is a unique training program developed especially for Teachers that are indeterminately leaders of influence in their classrooms. Trendsetters positively believe in the role of great teacher and thus we offer to train teachers to recognise the value of their role and the impact they could have on their students.

Session Includes:

  • Being a Role Model Teacher
  • Balancing between Personal life & Professional work
  • Motivating students to generate passion towards studying
  • Creative methods of teaching
  • Effective methods to teach and cope with Hyper active children Techniques to help slow learning students.


Most relationships between parents and their teenage children has been actively drifting apart these days. Trendsetters Parenting workshop aims to bridge this gap and provide hope for despairing parents.


Trendsetters ’partnership training is aimed to equip those that can equip others. We train Like-minded leaders in the curriculum of trendsetter in order to enable them to reach larger groups in their respective places of influence.

Who can be a partner?

Any individual or organization that shares similar heart to serve among teenagers and their families, are welcome to be part of the Trendsetters.


Trendsetters Shiloh Camp is one of a kind gift for Teenagers and their parents. It is a vacation that allows the family to rejuvenate their faith and form deeper relationships with their children. The camps in the past have helped teenagers understand that their life is purposeful and has helped parents to learn biblical perspectives to enhance their parenting. We aim for many Christ-centered homes.