Transforming the life of teenagers


Trendsetters, is an initiative that had its inception in 2004 by Family life Educators Dr. P C Mathew and Mrs. Ciby Mathew , due to concern for the deteriorating values and immoral lifestyles among urban Indian teens. Guiding them to make right choices, helping them to set the right trends and influencing them to build a strong society is the vision of Trendsetters.


Trendsetters seeks to address the societal malaise of crumbling families and young lives by building meaningful relationships and nurturing homes through schools. Trendsetters time tested and proven curriculum that is packed with moral values and examples has transformed thousands of students in India and abroad for the past 12 years and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the students and the teachers.


We conduct LIFE SKILLS TRAINING program in schools and colleges for teens and young adults. This program is designed to help cultivate good Character, Healthy and Ethical Relationships and above all develop Leadership Skills. Trendsetter’s aims to transform teens become people of high integrity, high moral standards and people of higher aims and objectives.


It is also a three-strand approach program which seeks to simultaneously empower children, parents and educational Institutions, to build a nurturing atmosphere and meaningful relationships thus reversing the social concerns such as suicides,


Depression, and materialism that is highly prevalent in today’s families in Indian metros.It is our endeavour to join hands with Educational Institutions and Families to provide vital support to the families and students, preparing children to take on the challenges life could hold and mold them to be better citizen of tomorrow.